JakSemi specialises in designing your industrial control system requirement, either you need a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) or Distributed Control Systems (DCS’s), JakSemi may assist you to its completion.


Today’s technology related around data from the start to the end, from the shop floor to the top floor. Reports, processes, records, analysis, automation of machineries and equipments are all integrated into a complete system.


 Design & implementation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) to automate your plant.

Design & implementation of Distributed Control Systems (DCS’s), consisting of decentralized elements and all the processes are controlled by these elements. Human interaction is minimized so the labour costs and injuries can be reduced.

Upgrading your obsolete control & monitoring systems into state-of-the-art technologies. Even the most reliable systems will comes a time when the systems start to fail. JakSemi control system services may help you upgrading your old systems.

 JakSemi control system services can help your labours become effective by providing training and support, training can be conducted on site or off (depends on requirements).