Instrument is one of the most important equipment in any processing plant. Instrument can help us to made decision in crucial condition based on what measurement tell us. Reliable instrument is a must to minimize the risk.

JakSemi has established itself as an innovative solutions provider of instrument and electronic measurement equipment. We have selected all products for their value and quality, and this is to ensure you, the clients, always gets the best solution.

    • Indicating and Controlling Instruments

      Indicating and Controlling Instruments
      Process Indicators
      Temperature & humidity measurement
      Temperature Scanner - Process Scanners
    • Level Management Solutions

      Cable End Float Switches
      Conductivity Type Level Measurement
      Float Type Level Switch
      Side mounted float Switch
      Level sensors for granules & powders
      Tilt Type Level Switch for coal and lime stone
      RF Capacitance Type Level Sensor
      Material Level Switch Tilt Switch 
      Vibrating Fork Type Level Switch
      Paddle Type Level Switch
      Ultrasonic Type level sensor
      Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
      Radar level Transmitter
      Nucleonic Level Transmitter
    • Signal Conditioning

      Head Mounting Temp. Transmitter
      Signal Transmitter / Signal Isolator
      Signal Converters
      Signal Repeater
      Loop powered, field mounted, temperature transmitter
      RS 232 to RS 485 Converter
      4-20 m A to RS 232/Rs 485 Converter
      Pressure Transmitter
      Wireless Signal Transmitters