JakSemi has grown into one of the leader in providing industrial mechanical and electrical in Indonesia. Working with some of the biggest name in construction and mining company, JakSemi have the technology to support your industrial requirements.


Delivering a reliable and high performance product, combined with JakSemi willingness to meet the standard of quality and professional care, it’s a mind-set to built to detail and developing long term relationships.

    • Proximity Switches

      Inductive Proximity Switches
      Capacitive Proximity Switches
      Magnetic Proximity Switches
      Photoelectric Proximity Switches
      Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor - Switch
    • Safety Switches for Material Handling Plants

      Conveyor Safety Switches
      Control Instruments
      Specialized Instruments
      Weighting Solutions
    • Filtration System

      Compressed Air Filters and Dryers   
      Dust Collection (Bag and Cartridge)
      Oil Mist Collection  
      Fume Collection
      Replacement Filters  
      Other Filters
    • Conveying Systems

      Rotary Valves           
      Vacuum Hopper Loader           
      Screw Feeder Conveying Systems
      Bucket Elevators
      Silo Safety Components
      Vibrator & Flow Aids